Terms and Conditions of P3HLI Membership

  1. Personal/individual who is enrolled as a member of the Indonesian Association of Laboratory Animal Sciences after the date of Association establishment deed;
  2. Has concern on the implementation and application of the animal welfare regulation in the context of the use of laboratory animals/animal model in educational activities, research or testing;
  3. Obtain permission and recommendations from direct supervisor in the work place institution, or for private individual membership, obtain recommendations from at least one (1) member of the association;
    1. The procedures for registration of membership are as follows:
    2. Prospective member fill out a membership registration form provided;
    3. The Board will provide response to accept or reject the application for registration of membership at the latest within 30 (thirty) days from the date of receipt of the registration form;
  4. The Board is authorized to give a decision to accept/ reject membership registration solicitation submitted by a candidate Member.
  5. Membership is valid from the date of membership acceptance.